Encanto Potash is a Potash
exploration company

Analyst Coverage

The following Analysts have completed research coverage of Encanto Potash Corp and may be contacted directly for copies of their reports:

Firm Analyst Phone Email
Industrial Alliance Securities Kiril Mugerman 514-284-4175 kmugerman@iagto.ca
Laurentian Bank Securities Nelson Mah 416-941-7701 mahn@lb-securities.ca
Salman Partners Andrea Rubakovic 416-861-9387 arubakovic@salmanpartners.com
Alta Corp Capital John Chu 647-776-8236 JChu@altacorpcapital.com
Dundee Securities Coverage in transition TBD TBD
MGI Securities Coverage in transition TBD TBD

This list is provided for informational purposes only. The opinions, estimates, forecasts or any analysis do not represent opinions, forecasts or analysis of Encanto Potash Corp or its Management. Encanto Potash Corp does not by its reference above imply any endorsement of or concurrence with such opinions, estimates or forecasts.