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August 27, 2013
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Encanto highly ranked in Socially Responsible Junior Mine Index

Encanto Potash Corp. is pleased to announce that they have been selected for inclusion in the MacCormick Socially Responsible Junior Mine Index with an overall ranking of #4 out of 100 companies.

MacCormick IMC, a Toronto-based management consultancy founded by CEO Bonnie Lyn de Bartok, dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the mining industry, hosted an index presentation and cocktail reception the evening of August 27th in cooperation with legal firm Fasken Martineau and sponsored by Scotiabank to celebrate the release of this index. The index profiles 20 Canadian junior mining leaders in CSR, and showcases how they specifically excel in their efforts and eventually financially outperform their peers significantly as a direct result.

The index started with a list of 100 junior mining companies by market cap and went on to rank them based on a number of criteria, including local sourcing, local employment, consultation and code of conduct. Encanto received a gold rating for three categories (community investment, consultation and code of conduct) and a silver rating for health and safety. The Company also received three bronze placements for their local hiring, local sourcing and local capacity development work in 2012.

"We're very pleased to be ranked so highly in social responsibility and plan on maintaining that emphasis as we move forward to producer status" stated Encanto President and CEO Jim Walchuck. "The concept of corporate and social responsibility is not just a catch phrase or a nice-to-have it's a must-have and an obligation we take very seriously, since we believe that CSR is not just the right thing to do, but as the index has shown, eventually leads to greater corporate success and shareholder value."

Further coverage of the story can be found at the following link http://resourceinvestingnews.com/60425-corporate-social-responsibility-benefiting-miners-and-communities.html

For additional information about Encanto Potash Corp., please visit the Company's website at www.encantopotash.com or review the Company's documents filed on www.sedar.com.